Health Journal 2015 – 2


Previous Weight: 215.6 Pounds

Current Weight: 212.4 Pounds

Current Goal: 210 Pounds

Well, it looks like the weight loss has slowed to a believable pace.  Good.  The other way seemed untrustworthy.  If it had gone on much longer, I would have started to wonder if something was wrong with the scale…or me.  Still encouragingly fast.  I credit it to the Lean Cuisines (i.e., the radical decrease in calorie intake) and the fact that this early in the process, when the shock to the system means small changes can have big results.  The trick comes when I have to do something that requires maintenance in the long term.

Still walking on the treadmill (or elsewhere) 5 days out of 7, give or take.  Trying to make it to the gym at work so I can fit in a little muscle building, but that’s a little harder. We’ll see how that works going forward.

Other Health-Related News: Finally got a checkup today.  What a mess.  Took four hours, the nurses had trouble finding the vein so they could do blood tests (predicted result: ridiculously high cholesterol), for some reason (maybe to do with blood sugar?) I started to go faint when they started sticking the needle in my wrists.  Still don’t know why that happened.  It never has before.  Still, I got some useful prescriptions, and the doctor, noticing that I’m a…bit overweight, has given me a –

Doctor’s Recommended Ultimate Goal: 180 Pounds

Let’s see what I can do about that.


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