The Lesson I Need To Keep Learning


Really, that’s it.

I am honestly amazed at the progress I’ve made since making, and starting to follow, Resolution #1 (which, admittedly, was somewhat before New Year’s).  I’ve completed three projects that had been plodding along, getting nowhere for months.  And all because I’ve taken them one at a time and just kept plugging at them until they were done.

Always before, I would write a couple paragraphs here, a few notes there, and whenever I hit a wall (and who doesn’t, sooner or later?), I would get distracted and mosey over to another project.

I’m not going to come right out and say multitasking is bullshit.  Maybe some people can make it work.  But it really doesn’t work for me.

Seems like I’ve had this little revelation before.  Maybe this time it’ll stick.


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