Interesting Links January 6, 2015

First and foremost, I’d like to share this Air Force training video.  The first woman you see – and you see her repeatedly throughout the video – is my youngest sister.  We’re so proud.

Next, we have a Buzzfeed list to remind us that not everything that comes with the New Year is positive.  Some things get lost along the way:

21 Classic NYC Spots That Closed Forever In 2014

I would also add the Park Slope branch of Chip Shop, but since they still have the Atlantic Ave location, that’s maybe not as much of a tragedy as some of these others.  Most of these – the ones I’ve heard of, at least – I’m sad about in either a “shucks, I never got to go there” or “my god, I thought they were eternal!” sort of way, but the one that really breaks my heart is Kim’s Video and Music.

The Heyday

The Heyday

Back when video stores were a viable thing, I used to love going in and spending hours browsing, looking for bits of gold among the shelves of dross…or better yet, finding some really fun dross.  I was sad to watch them go extinct.  Kim’s was one of the best – they always had titles you just couldn’t find anywhere else, and they had the atmosphere of a place run by people who loved movies…the kind of place that Blockbuster drove out of business in most places in the late Nineties.  When I arrived in NYC in the early Aughts, Kim’s was still in its heyday, with several branches here and there about the city, including its flagship on St. Mark’s.  I loved to spend time and money there.  Unfortunately, time and Netflix marched on, and while Kim’s (as well as several other independent video stores in The Village) lasted longer than it otherwise might have thanks to their college student customer base, ultimately they were doomed.  For a time, I blamed their early-Eighties rental policy ($2.00 to rent and return the same day, $5.00 for two days, no rentals longer than that), and I’m sure that didn’t help, but in the end, it was inevitable.

The next post is another Resolution #4 post, this one from Stealing Commas: Stopping evil plans via unconventional means in mission control.  Both hilarious and clever.

Finally, we have the next entry from The Horrors Of It All.  There were a few other candidates, which I will probably come back to in the future, but the Horror at the Lighthouse pressed all of my terror buttons at once.  The mere idea of sea monsters terrifies me – the thought of being in the water, unable to even flee while something that big and powerful and hungry approaches is the stuff of nightmares.  What’s more, The Thing has certain Lovecraftian overtones, plus a nasty Faustian deal.  Unless, of course, our protagonist is just imagining it all…the story hints that Our Hero isn’t quite right in the head at the beginning, so maybe all those murders were commanded by nothing more than his own delusions.





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