Calvin, Hobbes and Bacon

How many of you out there remember Calvin and Hobbes?  It makes me sad to realize that a lot of you probably don’t; Calvin and Hobbes was one of the greatest newspaper comic strips of the Eighties and Nineties – one of the last great wave before webcomics changed the art form forever – and an entire generation has grown to adulthood since the two buddies sledded off into the snowy distance on December 31, 1995:


Now, I never thought much about what happened to the boys after that.  Riding off into the sunset is a perfectly valid ending.  Calvin had been six years old for ten years; he could be six years old for the rest of eternity.  But apparently, not everyone felt that way.  Cue  the folks from Pants are Overrated.

(Okay, I know, cue them almost four years ago.  I just found this stuff, I think it’s awesome and I want to share it.)

Apparently, some time after the events of the comic strip, Calvin and Susie Derkins took a more positive turn in their relationship…


And before too long…





I usually don’t like sequels, because I don’t like to see what happens to characters after their happy endings.  Unless the story involves people actually going to Heaven, the characters never stay as happy as they were in their moment of triumph.  In this particular genre, the story of a boy and his favorite childhood imaginary friend – whether Hobbes or Winnie the Pooh or Puff the Magic Dragon – the friend is put on the shelf to collect dust, forgotten.  A childish thing put away.

But this sequel shows me that there’s another answer, and I’m grateful for that.

Childish Things



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