Health Journal 2015 – 0


So Red Molly and I finally got a new scale.  Our old one went on the fritz months ago, and I’ve been dependent on visits to the company nurse and the gym and the like ever since.

Welp, no time like the present.  I need to know my starting point for New Year’s Resolution #5.  I’ll just get on it, and…

Current Weight: 222.6 pounds.

Oh.  Wow.  That’s a personal high.  Wow, that’s bad.  That makes the “Health” part of the title more of an immediate issue than a long-term concern.  I’m at the age where my father had his heart attack, after all.  Okay, mustn’t panic.  Will take this methodically.

Current Goal: 220 Pounds.

I will be back with another report on Wednesday.  This Thursday and Friday, I’ll be going to a professional conference in Washington DC, and the enforced restaurant eating might throw me off a little, so Wednesday will be the time to report what I’ve accomplished while it’s at its best.

Additional Health-Related News: After years of putting it off due to first lack of insurance, then lack of time off to take for appointments, this Monday I’m finally going to make appointments with a doctor and a dentist for long-delayed checkups.


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