Facing The Music Is Now Available!

Facing music with title

New Year’s Day is about beginnings. After a night spent saying goodbye to the past, you rise to greet the future.

But for Melissa Haskins, there is no future. She has woken up alone in a city of the dead. Something vast and terrible moves across the world, and she has no choice but to hide when it passes overhead – she can hear it coming by the strange music that goes before it.

But then one day, she hears a voice coming out of the big empty. A voice that gives her hope. A voice that may just inspire her enough to finally go out and face the music.

Facing the Music is a short story about the world ending when it should be just beginning again, and is now available on Smashwords and Barnes and Noble, and is soon to be available at iTunes Books.

It is only available at those sites, and no longer available elsewhere on this blog.  But check out the sample below the fold:

Facing The Music


Matthew Keville

Is Anybody Out there? – Posted January 3, 2014

Anybody? Hello? My name is Melissa Haskins and I live in New York City. I’ve set up this blog to try and make contact. If there’s anyone out there reading this, please just comment or email or even call. My cell number is right there in my profile on the side of the page. Please just let me know you’re alive. I can’t be the only one left.

Can’t Stop There – Posted January 3, 2014

One little post on a new blog doesn’t accomplish much, does it? You need post regularly to get up those pageviews!

Oh, God. I lol’ed, but it came out like screams. I can’t do that anymore.

I’m Back – Posted January 3, 2014

Sorry I was gone so long. After the screaming incident it took me about an hour to stop shaking. Then I had to walk away from my computer for about three hours to stop myself from taking the whole website down, because I don’t want to do what I’m going to do next: I’m going to tell my story. I’d rather do almost anything else, but it’s what I need to do. If I keep this inside, I’ll go crazy (-er). Besides, I can’t think of anything else, so I can’t talk about anything else, and I need to keep talking. If there’s anybody reading this, feel free to put your story in the comments. I’m sure that all of our stories will be pretty similar, but that doesn’t matter. This is what people do when things like this happen: we get together and share our stories. And the fact we’re on the internet only makes that more important. It’s like the CB radios in The Stand, shouting out into the empty and trying to make a connection.

Breaker, breaker, good buddy, come on back.

For the rest, check out Facing the Music at Smashwords and Barnes and Noble, or check back soon at iTunes Books.


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