Turns Out I Have Something Left To Say Before Christmas After All

While tooling around on some of the blogs I follow, I discovered two songs that should be added to my traditional Songs of the Season.

The first song, Rebel Jesus, is apparently by Jackson Browne

…but has been masterfully covered by The Chieftains.

It reminds us what the spirit of the season really should be.

And the other, First Christmas by Stan Rogers –

– reminds us of those who are alone this Christmas.  In its way, it’s much sadder than Fairytale of New YorkFairytale at least remembers the days of bright dreams and dancing through the night that make the present so bittersweet.  This is just the cold, aching emptiness of a holiday that should be spent in togetherness and warmth.

I’ve never known that kind of loneliness on Christmas.  Even in the earliest days, fresh out of college and most likely to get stuck “minding the store”, there was at least College Sweetheart.  My heart goes out to everyone spending Christmas this way.

Take care of yourselves, y’all.  I’ll be back soon.



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5 responses to “Turns Out I Have Something Left To Say Before Christmas After All

  1. Thanks. Good choices especially the SR. Pleased to have happened on your blog – I’ll return. You might enjoy the Christmas Cornucopia series on the immortal jukebox which features the chieftains and many others. Regards Thom.

  2. The Chieftains’ ‘Rebel Jesus’ (that whole album actually) was a staple in my house growing up. The lyrics seem to only get more timely.

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