Cracked Explains How We Still Don’t Live In A Post-Racial Society

This was originally going to be part of an “Interesting Links” post, but I ultimately decided that it deserved to be the focus of a post all its own.

Cracked is starting to join Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert as the court jester of American culture: they’re the ones who speak the truths that no one else will, and they get away with it because they make it sound like a joke.

I’ve often heard and read people – white people, of course – demand to know just who is supposedly still keeping black people down these days.  In their minds, systemic racism ended some time in the late Sixties, early Seventies at the latest, and if black people are somehow still trapped at the bottom, it must be their own fault (and to suggest otherwise is racist in itself).

As it turns out, the Cracked staff have an answer to that question in:

5 Studies That Prove Racism Is Still Way Worse Than We Think

And the answer?  Same as it ever was.  Take a look at the article to see how racism works in an age when advocating segregation in public is frowned upon, but setting it up to happen anyway is a business plan.


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