Aaaand I’m Back

Hey, all.

I know it’s been a while.  I didn’t get a chance to do much work over Thanksgiving, and I’ve been struggling to catch up since.  And I gotta be honest, Christmas is going to be even worse.

To tell the truth, this weekend hasn’t been a whole lot better, at least in terms of getting work done.  College Sweetheart got married yesterday, and Red Molly and I were in attendance.

(As I said in my Facebook post yesterday: “Attending my ex-wife’s wedding with my fiancée. My life is strange, but at least I’m on good terms with all of the women in it.”)

It was a nice ceremony and a great party.  Join me in wishing them all the best.

Still, all excuses given, I must confess the real reason that things are so slow around here: I just have too many irons in the fire.  My day job has become busier than it ever was when I was a temp (which is a good sign, I suppose), and I have so many writing projects going on that I just can’t do all of them justice.

So I’m afraid things are going to change a bit here around the Horizon.  Oh, there will still be Horizon Reviews and Real-Life Chillers and plenty of other nifty stuff (I’ve got a few interesting things planned for the next couple weeks, in fact), but things are going to slow down quite a bit .

(“I thought you said things were changing, Matt,” I hear you say.  Everybody’s a critic.)

The reason things will be slowing down is that I’m going to be shifting my focus to the fiction I’m trying to produce for sale.  By the same token, I’m going to start taking down some of the stories in my archive and replacing them with teasers and links.  Sorry folks, just trying to make it as a professional.

Stay tuned.



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