Shade, by Drew Baker

A very cool picture, and a very interesting analysis of it.

For the record, I would say that “Good Imperial Citizens” are effectively “Good Nazis”, especially after the destruction of Alderaan (which, to be fair, this picture is probably set before), and I have no more trouble rooting for the death of the former than the latter, man or woman. That said, I can see why Lucas made most of the Stormtroopers a literally faceless mass. Watching human beings march to their death, even in service to an evil cause, takes a lot of the fun out of a swashbuckling space opera.

Of course, it’s also a good symbol of how the Empire itself treats them as less than human, interchangeable and disposable. So perhaps Lucas is due a little bit of credit.

Nah. I’ll go with the wimp-out explanation.

Sartorially Smart Heroines

DrewBaker-shadeShade, by Drew Baker

After that, we fought and moved and spoke and thought like Stormtroopers – male and female had been taken out of the equation along with everything else.
Isila Drutch, female Stormtrooper of the 291st Legion

So, I’ve been a Star Wars fan most of my life, but I honesty didn’t know that women Stormtroopers was a thing until finding Drew’s painting here for Lucasfilm. But I did a bit of research and sure enough, there were supposed to be female recruits within the elite shock troops of Palpatine’s New Order. Apparently the misogynistic Imperial recruitment polices I knew of growing up a Star Wars nerd were entirely an Extended Universe assumption based on the apparent lack of women aboard the Death Star. I have to wonder if, like the women Rebel pilots in Return of the Jedi, Lucas wussed-out over…

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