Real-LIfe Chillers Theatre: Dark 5

So I was tooling around Youtube the other night, as you do.  As I sorted through creepy videos, I found one that was essentially a mini-documentary of Real World Chillers.  As happens on YouTube, that one linked to another…and another…

Before long, I’d figured out that many of the best were from the same channel: Dark 5.

Dark 5 is full of videos that each follow the “Top (#) (Whatever)” format that seems to own the internet these days, but each Top 5 list is a Top 5 list of Real-Life Chillers.

(Remember, “Real-Life Chillers” can be unfounded, debunked, or even mere rumors – all they need to qualify is that someone, somewhere genuinely believed in them.)

I mean, first there was the one that originally caught my attention

But that isn’t even one of the really good ones.  This is the one that actually drew me deeper down the rabbit hole:

And these three sealed the deal:

By the end of those, I was convinced that not only are aliens out there, but that they’re speaking to us right now.

And then there was this 4:15 piece of terror:

And I don’t even play video games.

Well, I suppose that’s enough singing their praises.  Here are a few more of my favorites, then you can check out the rest for yourself.

(That one’s one of my favorites, even if it isn’t one of their best.  Anyone who knows me will tell you – I have a weakness for sea monsters).





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2 responses to “Real-LIfe Chillers Theatre: Dark 5

  1. Oh wow, i’ve never seen these before, thanks. I guess I know what i’m doing for the rest of the afternoon.

    …Though I feel like come nighttime, i’m going to regret watching all these.

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