Halloween Carols 2

Happy Halloween, everyone!  It’s a horror hound’s favorite holiday!  Like last year, I thought I’d celebrate with some Halloween carols!

First, the traditional song to open the season:

Then…the Halloween monsters come out:

…and ride forth across the land.

We don’t really see any indication that those cheerleaders did anything to deserve being turned into demon-zombies, but I must admit that it does this old nerd’s heart good to see the beautiful people fleeing before the outcast who had the courage to face the monsters.

But now, let’s hear things from the monsters’ perspective:

And see how they celebrate this most monstrous of holidays:

And of course, we couldn’t leave out the greatest Halloween music video of all time:

Well, that’s about it.  Hope you all enjoyed.  Happy Halloween all, and keep safe.  You don’t know what’s out there in the shadows…



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2 responses to “Halloween Carols 2

  1. Damn it! I have no idea why that link is playing the entire low carb comedy playlist. Just click through to Common Shiner’s Social Mediasochist – the one where Jason is a high school student – and I’ll fix it as soon as I can.

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