Interesting Links – October 21, 2014

I was originally going to post more interesting links this morning, but as I looked them over, I realized that the other ones I had in mind were gorgeously visual, and deserved separate posts where I could share the pretty pictures.  Those will be coming soon, but for right now, we just have the two.

The first is some good advice for both those planning to visit NYC, and those who live here.  There’s some debate over #2 (some lifelong residents agree, others argue that Katz’s is nowhere near the tourist trap that the Carnegie Deli is), but otherwise, New Yorkers seem to agree on:

33 Things You Shouldn’t Do in NYC

The other Interesting Link is yet another installment from The Horrors Of It All.

It’s no secret that many horror stories are actually morality plays: don’t do this, or something horrible will happen to you.  Usually this “punishment” is for something grossly disproportionate, like teen sex or drinking, but other stories make you wish that the rough justice of the horror world could sometimes prevail in ours.  Such is the case in the tale of animal abuse avenged that is

To Kill A Werewolf!


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