Creepy Links – October 16, 2014

He supposed he could believe in monsters if he really had to; monsters were no big deal…Shitfire and save matches, monsters were cheap!  Who needed a five-buck movie ticket when you could read about them in the paper for thirty-five cents, or hear about them on the radio for free?  And he supposed if he could believe in the Jim Jones variety, he could believe in Mike Hanlon’s version, at least for awhile; It even had Its own sorry charm, because It came from Outside and no one had to claim responsibility for It.

– from It, by Stephen King

After the real-world darkness of yesterday’s post, I thought it would be nice for us all to relax with a few things that are the fun kind of scary.

First of all, we have our latest entry from The Horrors of It All.  A double feature of sorts, we have one story that shows us that goofy, holiday-themed slashers have been with us for a long time, and another that shows nature’s wrath taking the most unlikely of forms in:

Weird Vengeance/Bloody Stream

Next up, we have something that’s a bit closer to the real world, and I suppose that for some, that could make it less fun.  But this little collection of pull-no-punches PSA’s is so horrific that I finally just had to share:

Enjoy, and stay tuned.  Always more coming.


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