Two Interesting Links and an Interesting Picture

World of Godzilla

That’s the interesting picture there.  Thought I’d start right out with it.

I had no idea that Godzilla 2014 was so vast compared to the older Godzillas.  I guess my posts asking about this actually underestimated his size.

 The first interesting link is from Fred Clark at Slacktivist.  The reviews for the new Left Behind movie are pouring in, and they are all negative.  You never saw such a critical bomb.  But then, it couldn’t be otherwise.  Yes, by all accounts the acting was weak and the special effects were Nineties-vintage CGI.  But even if that had not been the case, this movie could never have been good.  The source material is just too awful to make into anything good.  As Fred puts it, “You can’t make chicken soup out of chicken poop.”

It’s not simply a case of a bad book.  Good movies have been made out of bad books before (and vice versa – far more often, vice versa).  The problem is that the plot of Left Behind cannot move forward if people behave like human beings.  This supposed prophecy cannot happen if the world is anything like ours.

Fred explains it more completely in:

Bad Theology Makes For Bad Movies: ‘Left Behind’ is a Story With No Place For Real Humans

The next link is much lighter, and really needs no explanation:

11 Photos That Will Instantly Cure Your Fear of Horror Movies

And finally, the most interesting link of all (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it):

Guardian Cats of New York City: Shin Nephura’s Neighborhood is up on Smashwords!  Support the artist!  Just $0.99.



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3 responses to “Two Interesting Links and an Interesting Picture

  1. Confusing Medical Science Since 1971

    I’ll post a link later, but a Christian reviewer wrote how he hate the whole Left Behind/End Times porn thing because they were not really about Christianity, just the standard potboilers with a Christian lacquer.

    Ah, well, at least Nic Cage got paid.

    • Yeah, I have enough of a soft spot in my heart for Nicholas Cage to be glad that he’s working.

      And I would very much like to see that link. Because while I can easily see someone saying “Uh…guys? This extended, sadistic revenge fantasy isn’t as good a witnessing tool as you might think…in fact, it makes Christians look pretty bad”, I find it strange that someone would argue that something so completely calibrated for a specifically Christian audience – and a specific type of Christian at that – isn’t really Christian.

      • Confusing Medical Science Since 1971

        Christianity is still mad at Judaism that the Jews have said ‘Thanks but no thanks’ every chance they can.

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