Hey, all.

As it turned out, I was wrong about the madness at work ending, or even my having time over the weekend to prepare some interesting things for you.

Both conditions should clear up soon, but in the meantime, check out this latest offering from The Horrors of It All, The Man Who Tricked The Devil.

You know, I often wonder at the Devil’s behavior in stories like this.  You’d think he’d ensnare more souls if he had a reputation for not cheating people.  After all, look at the two friends of the protagonist in this very story: their argument isn’t that no amount of money is worth an eternity of torment, their argument is that the Devil always cheats bargainers (though I have to say that the one who was bargaining for a beautiful woman made it easy for him with his obliquely worded wish, and would probably deserve punishment from even the most benevolent of entities, what with wishing for a person like she was property).  It’s almost like he’s trying to discourage people from making deals with him.  Almost makes you think that the theologians who believe that Satan is still working for God have it right.


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