Just Wanted to Share 2 – Halestorm

I know that Halestorm is hardly news to anyone who’s paying attention.  I mean, they’re Grammy winners for God’s sake.  Still, I only discovered them myself a few days ago, when I followed link from Lindsey Stirling’s Shatter Me.

Since I’m pretty much the last to know, I thought I’d just share a few of my favorite videos from their library (and once again, may all nine Muses bless YouTube for bringing back the music video as an art form)

The first is deliciously dark and eerie, and most emblematic of their music as a whole.  To be honest, “young sorceress being interrogated by police who have no idea what they’re dealing with” isn’t what I got from the lyrics, but it is truly awesome nonetheless.

The next…

In an interview about I Would Do Anything For Love, Meat Loaf stated that story videos in rock land don’t work out that often.  That makes me a bit sad, because those are my favorite videos of all.  Of course, maybe things have changed in the twenty years since he said that.

In any case, it definitely works for this beautiful murder mystery:

I wonder if the detective is or once was in love with the victim.  We get some hints.

This last one, Here’s To Us, is my favorite of the lot.

Nineties grunge fashion is emblematic of a bygone era now?  God, I’m old.  No wonder the “old friends reminiscing together” song touches me the most.

Edited to add:

*Glances at the book cover in my sidebar*

Think the fierce rock and roll goddess doing the singing might have something to do with my liking the band?


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