Kaiju and the Military

Okay, I’m just not getting any replies at the other places I’ve posted this question, so I’m going to try one more time and see if there’s anyone out there who can help a fella out:

I’ve watched a lot of kaiju movies in my time, and there’s always the point in the proceedings where the military shows up to get stomped. It’s finally to the point where I’d like some facts, or at least educated guesses. So any military buffs, or actual members of the military (current or former) out there, consider this:

Subject is approximately three hundred feet tall, but approximately twice that long, since it doesn’t stand fully upright, and much of its length is tail. Subject is approximately 150 feet wide.

Subject is capable of short sprints of 50 mph, but mostly moseys along at about 10.

(It’s so darn big that even at a stroll, it covers a lot of ground.)

Subject is tough – damned tough, but still more like “strongest vehicle armor available” tough than “Cheyenne mountain” tough.

Subject has no regeneration or other magical “you can’t kill me until the climax” tricks.

Subject is in an urban environment, knocking over buildings with almost every step it takes. Hundreds are already dead and billions of dollars of damage have already been caused.

Your mission is to stop the creature, whether that means kill or capture. Collateral damage caused by method must be measured against the collateral damage caused by each passing minute of a million-ton monster stomping around midtown Manhattan.

What do you do, and is it easier or harder than the movies make it look?


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