Source of the Name

When I needed a pseudonym to discuss Red Molly on this site, she gave me the name of her favorite Dungeons & Dragons character.  I never thought any more of it until the other night, when she called me over to her computer and showed me this:

Of course, I immediately fell in love.  As those who’ve seen this –


– might have guessed, a red-haired girl in black leather is a color scheme that I rather like myself, and what else would angels wear but leather and chrome?

Of course, I needed to share.  Hope y’all enjoy.

For a little bonus, here’s a version I like even better.  I like to imagine that the singer is Red Molly herself (from the song, not my girlfriend) twenty years later, telling the world her story.



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2 responses to “Source of the Name

  1. You didn’t know? I thought it was wonderfully clever . . . but then again, I’ve known the song forever. :^)

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