Red Molly’s Pictures of New York #3

Just a few this week.

On July 26, Red Molly and I went to Central Park, where one of our friends was stage managing a small theatre company’s performance of Love’s Labours Lost.  I’d actually give you the name of the company and the remaining performance dates (and locations; they were performing “on the green” in several parks throughout the City), but the run is finished.  Sorry.  It was a good show.

Anyway, we arrived just a few minutes before the show, and went to dinner right after, but in the time we were there, we got a few interesting pictures.

First, to quote Red Molly:

Oh, hai Balto!

7-24-14--7-26-14 003

7-24-14--7-26-14 002

While some of you maybe familiar with Balto from the (OMG twenty years old) children’s move, how many of you knew that it was a true story?  Balto deserves his bronze statue and all the dog treats.

Then, during a quick trip to the restrooms near Bethesda Fountain, Red Molly caught a view of the Mall that she just needed to capture:

7-24-14--7-26-14 004

More to come soon!



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