These Guys Get It

Another set of Interesting Links, this one with a theme: Conservatives Who Get It.

The first is by Nick Hanauer, founder of, who attempts to communicate two important things to his fellow 1%ers:

1) We cannot continue to accumulate all of society’s wealth at the expense of everyone else without something bad happening to us sooner or later; and

2) Those employees you’re trying to pay as little as possible?  Those are also your customers.  Your greed is hurting you in the long run.

Read more in:

The Pitchforks Are Coming…For Us Plutocrats

The next one is about the shame and misdirected resentment that allows poor people to keep voting, year after year, for the the party that doesn’t help them:

I Was Poor But A GOP Die-Hard: How I Finally Left The Politics Of Shame

The last one is a bit older, but perhaps the most important of all.  It’s from a born-and-raised, upper class, establishment Republican operative who realized that everything he was taught was wrong:

Joining The Reality-Based Community, Or How I Learned To Stop Loving The Bombs And Start Worrying



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