The Real Sin of Sodom

I’ve been thinking about this lately, my friends. With those refugees…those kids at the border that we’re treating like less than animals…we could be in real trouble. We’re committing the real sin of Sodom, and committing it hard. If we don’t pull a Nineveh but soon, we could be in for a real smiting.

Dreams of the Shining Horizon


A few days ago, I was on Fred Clark’s blog, Slacktivist, and we were discussing the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, and how a literal, plain-text reading of that story isn’t anywhere near as strong a condemnation of homosexuality as people seem to think.  If nothing else, the story doesn’t actually even discuss consensual gay relationships, instead portraying an attempted gang rape, which one hopes God would condemn regardless of who was involved. 

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