Two Interesting Links 7/22/2014

The first is Amanda Marcotte, in her usual sarcastic way, examining the psychology of women who feel the need to shame other women for using birth control, despite the fact that they almost certainly do themselves:

Ladies who don’t use contraception have had it with you 99% that do, you dirty girls.

Now, that’s useful and important, but the next one is more immediately urgent:

They’re Keeping Kids In Kennels

Because sleeping in a bed was too good for the kids of the refugee crisis, they’re now sleeping in kennels.

This makes me sick.  The America I was raised to believe in welcomed the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free.  God damn it, how I wish that America existed.  This was one of my greatest disappointments about growing up.

But then, this isn’t about me.  That post at Daily Kos includes a link to an Amazon wish list set up by the Texas Young Democrats so we can all help buy some necessities for the refugees.  Let’s go there and do some good.




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