Interesting Posts 7/18/2012

We Hunted The Mammoth: Red Pillers – Making Thor A Feeemale Will Accelerate Our Society’s Plunge Down The Rabbit Hole Of Feminization

You’ve got to be kidding me.

(But check out the interesting discussion on comics and other nerdery in the comments)

We Hunted The Mammoth: Alimony Laws Restrict Men’s Bodies Men’s Rights Redditors Claim.  Of Course They Do.

No really, you’ve gotta be fuckin’ kidding me.

Some Bible Verses for the Good Christians Angry That Migrant Kids Might Sleep In A Bed

There are a lot of “Christians” in this country who had better hope that Jesus, as presented in the Gospels, is not who’s going judge them.  If He is, they can look forward to spending eternity on a red-hot iron spike.

Al Mohler Standing Athwart Pentecost and Yelling Stop

But then there are others that I think will be okay.



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