Summer In The City

So after a couple of heavy posts, it’s time to lighten up a little.

To get the party started, here is last year’s post about the sounds of summer in the City.

(Bows head in a moment of silence out of respect for the passing of the last Ramone.)

I know that the Youtube video linked in that other post for the Lovin’ Spoonful’s Summer In the City has been taken down, so here’s something to fill that space:

Can’t do a post with the name “Summer in the City” and leave that out.

Of course, summer is about more than songs and beaches. Now that the rituals of early summer have passed, and the long weeks of high summer lie before us (cool and rainy as it appears they’re going to be), the same summer thoughts as every year are upon me.

It’s not as bad when I’m down here in the City with Red Molly, but when I was visiting home, the old wanderlust hit me hard. I was out walking the roads around Panther Lake when I suddenly conceived of an idea to place an advertisement on E-Bay offering to walk across the country wearing the highest bidder’s logo, taking a route of their choosing.

You know, that post (to say nothing of visits home), tends to fill me with bittersweet memories of summers past. Once you’re beyond a certain age, I suspect that’s as much a part of summer as anything else. So if you’ll permit me:

I listened to that song over and over again while walking the roads around Panther Lake when I was up visiting my folks for the Fourth.  I hope it brought back a few memories of summer love for you as well.

That should be enough for now, though, I suppose.  Y’all take care.  I’ll be back with a few more interesting things soon.


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