Interesting Links 7/11/2014

So this is the post I mentioned earlier, with links to what I’ve been reading this week.  They’re each a few days old, so it may be a bit late to join the conversation, but I still think they should be read.

The first is from Amanda Marcotte, who gives yet more evidence that the real point of the Hobby Lobby decision was the conservative urge to control women’s bodies:

Conservatives Object To Giving Women Permission From Employers To Get Reproductive Health Care

Included are some examples of choice twitter harassment that illustrate why we still need feminism.

For examples of what freely-available reproductive healthcare can accomplish, instead of that which is tightly controlled by a bunch of misogynists who ultimately believe that women should pay a price for having sex, check out these two articles at Daily Kos.

For more on the topics of horrendously bad Supreme court decisions, reproductive healthcare and harassment, check out this more recent post by Amanda Marcotte.

And finally: one of the bigger problems with the Men’s Rights Movement, the primary reason I would advise men with actual problems to avoid them, is that they don’t actually do much to help men.  Even when they do something other than harass women online, such as the recent A Voice For Men conference in (near) Detroit, it shows all the earmarks of a scam to enrich a few leaders at the expense of their followers.  I offer Exhibit A.



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