Buyer’s Remorse

You might not have heard about it, thanks to the news cycle being overwhelmed by the actions of a much smaller but more effective group of misogynists, but A Voice For Men hosted a conference for Men’s Rights Activists in St. Claire, Michigan this past weekend.

This article at MSNBC gives the most mainstream and neutral reporting on the event that you’re likely to see (spoilers: he still finds them ridiculous), while this article gives them a proper dose of mockery.

Now, while it’s no surprise that appalling things were said at this conference, this was the one that won the gold medal:

“The vast majority of female students allegedly raped on campus are actually voicing buyer’s remorse from alcohol-fueled, promiscuous behavior involving murky lines of consent on both sides,” [National Post columnist Barbara Kay] said, drawing chuckles from the audience. “It’s true. It’s their get-out-of-guilt-free card, you know like Monopoly.” The chuckles turned to guffaws.

It’s pretty horrible to believe that people – let alone a woman – would actually say shit like that in 2014.  What’s worse is that there are a lot of people out there – not all of them MRA’s, not nearly – who still believe it.

Rather than giving my own response to this, I will leave it up to someone with better research, and someone with more front-line experience than I.




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