Two More Interesting Links for Today

The Daily Show has become (sadly) one of the better examples of journalism in this country.  Like the jesters of old, they speak the truths no one else will, because mocking people is their job.

This clip, for example, illustrates the different “safety tips” that men and women have to follow in the “obstacle course of sexual menace” on a college campus.  The last line was pretty much the perfect answer to the perennial whine of “Not all men are like that”.

And then there’s this.  As the article points out, there’s a time limit in Virginia between the delivery of documents to the governor and his approval.  So what Virginia Republicans did was illegally enter an executive office to deliver a bill related to the ACA’s Medicaid expansion during a holiday, so the clock would start ticking before the governor knew the bill was there.

There’s hardball politics, and there’s crime.  This was crime.  Someone needs to go down.



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