Memorial Day

American Flags Are Placed On Gravestones In Arlington To Honor War Dead

Well, the year has turned around again, and once again, it’s Memorial Day.

And once again, the man of words has nothing to say.  Or rather, nothing I haven’t said before.

I have been greatly blessed in that, while many of my family and friends have gone off to war, all have come back in one piece.  I’m sure that they all have someone that is Memorial Day to them, but none of them like to talk about it.  Can’t imagine why.

Last year, I posted a couple videos of “The Green Fields of France”, one of the great anti-war songs of all time.  So this year, I thought I’d post another song that talks about the stupid cruelty of war, and asks “when will they ever learn?”

That’s the version I know.  The group that actually popularized it was the Kingston Trio, which I didn’t know until Red Molly mentioned it.  Some more food for thought:



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