Nightmare Film Festival

Hey, all.

As I mentioned in my last Health Journal, I was sick as a dog all last week, so I didn’t have the energy to get much writing done.  I’ll fix that this week, no worries, but in the meantime I thought I’d give you a look at some of the things I’ve been watching on YouTube while I was sitting at home.

This first one is actually the most ambitious of the lot:

Ever notice how there’s always one utter bastard in any horror movie, providing a human villain?  Ever notice how they almost always die last, but they always die a lot?

This next one is actually built on an urban legend that I’ve heard:

Did you see that one coming before the end?  Was it because you’d heard that one, too?

The next one is pretty clever:

I must admit, that one fooled me.  I thought I was watching something out of Dexter, Seven or Saw.  Even once I knew the twist, it took until my second or third watching before I noticed the effect the arrangement of pictures was having on the interviewer.

And finally, the most frightening of all.  Seriously.  I am very glad that there was a few hours of lag time between the time I saw this thing and the time I tried to go to bed that night.  And what more can be said for a horror film?


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