A Question About My Weekly Writing Seminar

Hey, all.

As most of you probably know – since this is how you found this place – I post links to most of my stuff on Reddit. Today, I got an interesting comment on my link to this week’s Left Behind Fridays Writing Seminar:

What’s up with this guy’s relentless vendetta against the Left Behind series? I mean, sure, it’s not great, but does it really need a weekly blog post about why it isn’t great? Jeez.

For the record, this isn’t a personal vendetta.  I just think that the Left Behind series, and Fred Clark’s analysis of it, is one of the best writing resources on the net.

Still, it got me thinking.  Fred focuses on the Left Behind books because, in addition to being atrocious writing, he believes they cause great social and religious harm.  Since I’m focused on the writing aspect, perhaps I don’t need to limit myself to Left Behind.  After all, a good chunk of today’s post was spent discussing another book series.  What do you all think?



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2 responses to “A Question About My Weekly Writing Seminar

  1. Confusing Medical Science Since 1971

    I mean, variety never hurts, but I do take sadistic glee at Left Behind getting ripped a new one. Haters gonnna get Hated.

  2. Meaghan

    I read Fred Clark’s ‘Left Behind’ posts from time to time but not regularly. I find the theology interesting but keeping up with the storyline is exhausting, so I mainly skip over the plot summary stuff. Personally I think taking examples of just about the worst writing there is as ‘what not to do’ is setting the bar a little low.

    For example the Deus Ex Machina thing… Of course Deux ex Machina as a resolution is lazy and terrible, and it seems to be quite egregious in Left Behind. But what about a series like Battlestar Galactica? Is that a Deux ex Machina ending, and is it a problem? Gravity had a bit of a faux Deux ex Machina, and I thought it was more powerful for it. By looking at a given writing problem from several different angles, you get a better, and more nuanced, perspective on it.

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