Health Journal 6


Ouch.  I think I may have an alternative interpretation of “getting back on the horse”.

Last week, I bragged about being able to get right back up and running after a mere week of catch-up.  And I did.  That doesn’t mean my joints were ready for all that jolting and impact.  My hips ache after a day or two of running, I’m limping everywhere.

(The above was written on Sunday; another problem has arisen since then, which I will describe after the update)

Previous Weight: 201.9 pounds

Current Weight: 199.2 Pounds (Breakthrough!  I am down out of my personal red zone!)

New Goal: 190 pounds

Whew!  I must confess myself surprised by that weigh-in.  When I wrote the paragraph at the top, at the beginning of the week, I’d just finished a 5-run week.  That’s one more than I was used to, and my joints weren’t happy.  So far this week, for one reason and another, I’ve only managed to fit in 2 and a half workouts (I plan to get in one more on Saturday).  I wouldn’t have been surprised to find that my weight had ticked up!

With a two-holiday weekend ahead of us, there’s opportunity for extra workouts, but additional opportunities to overeat.  The goal now is to keep the momentum going in the right direction.


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