Health Journal 3 and 1/2


The parts for the treadmill have arrived!  Of course, since the repairs involve essentially taking the thing apart and putting it back together again, neither Red Molly nor I are really qualified.  The technicians were supposed to call us a day or two after I originally ordered the parts, but of course, that’s not what happened.  The customer service department of the equipment company, upon being contacted, assured me that they would call me tomorrow.  We’ll see.  Still, overall it looks like I’ll be back up and running (literally) by this time next week.

Of course, I’m not best pleased to have lost nearly a month of workout time.  After Christmas week, we got maybe one week of use out of the thing before it broke.  On the other hand, I just weighed in and, despite being in the midst of my weekend pigout, I haven’t gained a lot of weight.  206.8 pounds.  Maybe sticking to the Lean Cuisines was enough to minimize the damage.  Just hope it’s not muscle loss.


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