Health Journal #3 – Setback


Hey, all.

Looks like we have hit a setback.

My treadmill is broken.  The walking platform has split right up the middle.  One of the “platform cushions” is damaged, too, but that’s minor in comparison.

I’m pretty sure I remember when it happened, too.  I think it was last Monday or Tuesday.  I brought my foot down, I heard a loud “crack”, and the surface felt oddly “soft” after that.  I ran another day on it, but it still felt wrong.

Now that I know what happened, of course I’m not going to use it anymore.  It’s not safe.  I’ve contacted Customer Service and am waiting for an answer.

Very annoying, this.  I was getting so close to my first milestone, and now I’m sure to lose ground.  What’s worse, I’m about 100 pounds lighter than what should have been its maximum weight, and Red Molly is even lighter.

Further bulletins when I have more news.



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3 responses to “Health Journal #3 – Setback

  1. Dang. I’m sure you’ll find a way to continue your conditioning.

    • I hope it’s not out of action long enough for me to have to. I love being able to just take my run in my own apartment – no gym, no weaving through the streets of New York.

      Still waiting to hear back from the service department, though.

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