Health Journal 2


Well here we are, week two.  I’m feeling definite improvement from last week.  Fewer aches in my muscles and joints after a workout.  No more struggling to breathe.  No more need for a break somewhere in the 20 – 30 minute mark.  They say that every week out of training costs you two weeks on, but I think I may be back to where I was before Christmas, at least in terms of the ease of my workout.

Now it’s back to just being tedious.  I really wish that my apartment had enough room for me to follow my original plan and place the treadmill somewhere where I can see a TV.  Forty-odd minutes passes much more quickly when you’re watching The Two Towers.  Music just doesn’t provide the same quality of distraction.

Anyway.  Progress report for the week:

Previous Weight: 207.8 pounds.

Current Weight: 204.1 pounds.  Also discovered, to my surprise, that my belt tightened a whole new notch.

Current Goal: 200 pounds.

Next Goal: 190 Pounds



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2 responses to “Health Journal 2

  1. Good going – keep it up! You are our hero of fitness-

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