Left Behind Fridays Writing Seminar: Politics You Oppose Are Not Necessarily Good Enough For An Evil Overlord’s Plan

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This one will be quick and easy.

Politics are polarizing.  This shit is important.  The wrong policies can cause needless suffering for millions.  Passions run high, and it’s easy to think of the people on the other side as evil.  I know I do.

But even if your political opponents are, in fact, evil, this does not necessarily make them proper Evil Overlord material.

We see a perfect example of this in NRA: The Antichrist’s Evil Plan of Evilness.

Now, by this point in the story, the Antichrist has finally gotten off his duff in terms of evilness.  After almost two whole books in which the sum total of his villainy was murdering two other villains, he has unleashed nuclear war upon the world.  London, New York, Chicago and many other cities are green-glowing glass craters.  Of course, that still doesn’t stack up to the actions of God Himself, who made all the children disappear, but it’s a start.  Unfortunately, he still doesn’t have a plan.  He doesn’t need to conquer the world; he already has, without a shot being fired.  So what’s left?


Yes.  In order to aid in rebuilding after a worldwide disaster, he’s going to have to raise taxes.

Oh.  And he’s going to “[raise] the level of Third World countries so that the entire globe is on equal footing”.

For those of you outside the United States, or born after 1985, or just generally unfamiliar with the writers’ subculture, allow me to translate: “Communists!  The Communists are coming!  And they’re going to destroy the United States!  Booga booga!”

Because of course, it’s impossible to ever raise “Third World countries” up to the point where they’re on an equal footing with the United States, so the true agenda must be to undermine the United States.  Of course, neither the United States nor “Third World countries” exist anymore in this setting, but…know what?  I’ll leave that part up to Fred for now.

So here is today’s lesson: you don’t want your audience to hear your Evil Overlord’s plan and say “That’s it?” or “What’s wrong with that?”  Don’t count on your readers understanding political buzzwords and dog whistles.  Don’t count on them agreeing with your politics, that certain things are inherently bad.  You have to make clear how their Evil Plan will cause suffering, and you have to make clear that they either have no fucks to give, or actually like the idea.

This is the case even if your villain isn’t the literal embodiment of Evil, but in this scene it’s unforgivable.  This is the Antichrist, alone in his private plane with his advisers.  The man is entitled to some moustache-twirling.



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