Health Journal 1


Welcome to the first installment of a new feature here on Dreams of the Shining Horizon, the weekly Health Journal.

Now, this isn’t the doomed New Year’s Resolution that you’re probably thinking it is.  I’ve been on my current fitness program since last July, when I purchased my treadmill.  Since then, I’ve slowly worked my way up to my current regimen, which is 40 minutes (not counting cooldown) at 6.0 mph, four days a week.  I keep wanting to make it five, but I never quite manage it.

At first, progress was slow, but it really took off this Fall, when I got my latest temp assignment.  Part of that is because my speed and time – i.e., my calories burned – was finally working its way up into effective territory, but I think the factor that really deserves the credit is the food options available in the neighborhood of my new workplace.  They’re all terrible.  The last place had a buffet I couldn’t stay away from, a great cafeteria, and twice a week a food truck that sold some of the best lobster rolls I ever had.  The new place has a McDonald’s and a Subway.  Takes a lot less willpower to stick to the Lean Cuisines, y’know?

Even so, I think this might help keep me motivated, keeping a record and sharing it with, well, whoever is reading this.  So what I’m going to do is, each Thursday night, about this time, I’m going to post my progress for the week.

Why did I wait until after New Year’s, if this isn’t just another doomed resolution?  Because I knew that, after a week of visiting family (away from my treadmill) at the very peak of Holiday Season overindulgence, my weight would be at a peak anyway.  It would be too depressing to watch the backslide from several months of improvement.  Better to start at the nadir and watch things work their way up.

Why Thursday night?  Because that’s my best night of the week, in terms of weight.  The weekend always sets me back a little bit…but each week I advance further than I retreat.

(All weights are taken post-workout, because it’s more encouraging that way.)

Current Weight: 207.8.  This is down from approx. 222 at my peak, but up from approx 204 before Christmas.

Current Goal: 200 pounds.  Once I reach this level, for all the work that still needs to be done, I’ll be out of my personal red zone.  Above this, some of my clothes don’t fit, I get in my own way when I try to tie my shoes…psychologically I just feel as if I’m in some danger zone.  Below, there’s less…anxiety.  I’ll be working to reach this one as quickly as I can.

Next Goal: 190 Pounds



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2 responses to “Health Journal 1

  1. Right On!! I’ll look forward to your posts!

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