Singing Down The New Year

And it’s 2014.

What a year 2013 was.  Sometimes I wonder how we make it through.  Billy Joel put it best: I’ve found that just surviving is a noble fight.  But we struggle for more anyway.  I have reason to hope that 2014 may be better.

Anyway, I’m out with friends tonight, taking in the New Year’s Eve showing of the Big Apple Circus, but I also want to celebrate with all of you.

I don’t know why this song says “New Year’s” to me.  It may just be because it was the song the crowd sang at the first New Year’s Eve Red Molly and I spent together.  But I think it may be more than that.  Burning down the old, shouting in the new.

Happy New Year to all.  May it be better than the last.  The old one’s burning down, only embers left.  Now let’s sing the new one in.


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