Songs of the Season

Season’s greetings, all!

I’m going home for Christmas this year (actually, two homes – I’m visiting Red Molly’s folks on the 26th and staying until the 29th), so I’m going to be a bit out of touch for the next week.  The Hometown posts have been scheduled to go up at their regular times, but otherwise, I’m afraid I won’t be around.

So, since this is effectively my Christmas post, I’d like to invite y’all to join me in a little celebration.  Let’s have a few Christmas carols.

First, let’s have a few of the novelty songs that have made me laugh or smile over the years:

Next, let’s have a bit of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  Because Christmas is still a little bit pagan, still a little bit Yule, still a little bit about making light and music to drive back the cold and dark.

The next one is…well, it may seem a bit…insubstantial…after what’s gone before, but…let’s just say it has personal meaning for me.

This next one is pretty much the darkest Christmas song I’ve ever heard…which makes it the perfect Irish Christmas song.

Believe it or not, this song has actually gotten me through some cold, dark winter nights when the wind blows right through you, as the song says.  Not every holiday is happy, and sometimes, you need songs about that, too.

And finally, we come to the song that, more than any other, just is Christmas to me.  It may seem an odd choice, but this was the album that was playing, more often than not, when I was a child dozing on the couch by the woodstove, with the room lit only by the lights on the tree.  To me, this song is peace and warmth and security.

Well, that’s going to have to do as our celebration here at Dreams of the Shining Horizon.  I wish all of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Joyous Kwanzaa, and I hope you had a happy Hanukkah.


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