Thor 2 – A Touch of Authenticity?


How did I miss this?  I must have watched this trailer a dozen times, but it was only when I was watching it again for the last post that I noticed the bit at the end:

Now, I know full well that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is hardly the thing to watch if you’re a stickler for fidelity to the original Norse myths.  Heck, there were significant changes made in the transition from the comic book, and even there, the only real points of connection were 1) a character named Thor, who had 2) a magic hammer and 3) a father named Odin, who had 4) one eye.  The fact that this character named Thor is the crown prince of a race of aliens gives you fair warning what you’re in for.  

(…if you’re familiar with the comics.  I neglected to warn a Swedish friend of mine of all this, and the opening minutes of the 2011 movie, where Odin loses his eye in battle instead of trading it for wisdom, upset her a bit.  I spent about an hour after the movie explaining all of the many, many differences between the actual source material and the stories she grew up with.) 

But what is this?  In those last few moments of trailer – could that possibly be Mokkerkalfe?

For those who didn’t follow the link, Mokkerkalfe is one of those instances where the Sagas apparently needed a bit of comic relief.  Thor gets in yet another fight with a giant, the giant builds a magical clay wingman named Mokkerkalfe (because that makes all sorts of sense), and it works out about as well as it does in the trailer.

Of course, if you did follow the link, you know that Thor actually killed the giant first, the giant promptly falls on him, taking him out of the fight until one of his (infant) illegitimate children rescues him, during which time his servant Thialfi takes out Mokkerkalfe with no trouble at all.

The sagas like them some slapstick.

So, uh…not really that “authentic” at all, is it?  Still, it’s nice to see that the writers did a bit of homework and included a reference to a character other than the ones everyone knows…if in fact that’s what happened.  Until I actually see the thing, I extend the benefit of the doubt.

(What I really want to see is what they do with Jormungandr or Fenris.  Anybody from Marvel or Disney reading this?)



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7 responses to “Thor 2 – A Touch of Authenticity?

  1. I recently read The Prose Edda by Sturluson. I keep trying to look for the little treats that the writers might have thrown in, but I haven’t caught many.

    Are you reading any of the Thor comics right now? If so, what did you think of the godbomb storyline?

    • Impressive. I’ve never gone to mythological primary sources like that. Was it any good?

      As for treats…it’s probably too much to hope for. It’s hard enough to make a moderately-faithful transition from one source medium to the screen, let alone two.

      And I’m afraid I’m not. To be honest, I was never much into Thor or even the Avengers; I was more of an X-Men or Midnight Sons man. These days I’m more into Indie horror comics like Hack/Slash or Terry Moore’s Rachel Rising.

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