Any Artists Out There?

Know what I would like to do?  I would like to do Hometown as a webcomic.  It’s long enough to provide several years of story, but it has a nice episodic structure so readers can feel issues have been resolved while knowing that the final confrontation is still to come.

(What are those things called?  Oh, yeah.  Chapters.)

Besides, a lot of the scenes – especially the scenes to come as we approach the end – are very visual, and I would like to see them as much as the next person.

Unfortunately, I have no artistic skill.  At all.

Seriously.  My stick figures are all catastrophically deformed.

So what I would need to do, if I were to do this, is to find a partner.  Someone who can actually draw what I write.

What do y’all think?  Am I crazy?  Anybody interested?


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