Out of Office

Hey, all.

Second Hometown post is up a day early this week, as you can see.  Tomorrow, I’ll be heading upstate to take part in my youngest sister’s wedding, and I won’t be back until Sunday. 

We’re all very proud of my sister.  While none of us have done all that poorly in life, Captain Doctor Keville has rather outpaced us all.  As a friend noted when I mentioned her plethora of titles, she’s the Alpha Keville. 

This wedding has had to be organized very quickly in order to get it done before Captain Doctor Keville gets shipped out, so it will be interesting to see what my other sister, the up-and-coming Event Planner, has been able to pull off.  I’m sure I’ll be impressed.

Anyway, on a related note – related to being out of office, not related to the wedding – it looks like my current temp assignment is ending next week, so you might see a bit of extra productivity from me for a week or two.  Here’s hoping the break between assignments doesn’t last much longer than that.


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