Philosophical Pondering

The kind you do at three in the morning, hanging out in someone’s dorm room, I suppose.  Still.

Thinking about Many Worlds Theory.  If every possible choice and every possible event create their own universe, are there utopias out there in addition to all of the Mirror, Mirror dystopias that everyone always seems to picture?  Is there a world where, say, the Sixties turned out the way they were supposed to?  A world that’s living in the Age of Aquarius?  Is there a world where the gleaming, hedonistic Seventies future imagined here came to be?

I’m sure that the actual physics theory would illustrate those infinite worlds as a fractal, spreading out into forever with no goal or judgment.  Me, I can’t help but imagine a…gradient?  A spiral descending into – and rising up out of – an endless depth.  The more things turned out right in a particular world, the higher up the spiral it is.

Our world is pretty rough, but I can think of a lot of things that could have turned out worse than they did.  We’re better off than the broken Hell-worlds (and formless clouds of plasma and cold, energy-dead voids) at the bottom of the well.  But then, ours is also a world of sorrow, where suffering and injustice are the rule, not the exception.  The Bastards get away with it, and good intentions never seem to reach their goal.

How far down the pit are we, really?  And how far up the spiral do you have to climb before you find that best of all possible worlds, where things really do work out for the best?



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2 responses to “Philosophical Pondering

  1. Yes, Philosophy. But it doesn’t hurt, and sometimes the notions seem possible. Smiles-

    • It is nice to think that there might be better worlds out there, isn’t it? Heck, the fact that there might be a world where Amber Benson was able to return for Season 7 of Buffy is enough to make me smile, let alone the big stuff.

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