Nerd Survey: Clash of Empires


Faora-Ul snapped Kal-El’s neck.  General Zod would be upset, but that was mere sentimentality.  They could extract the Codex from the heretic’s cells just as easily if he was dead, and it would be more efficient in the long run.

And so it was.  Without a Kryptonian on their side, the humans had no defense as Zod and his followers raised the World Engine.  

But that doesn’t mean that Zod and his companions now had uncontested claim to Earth.  Quite the opposite: in reshaping the Earth, the World Engine awakened something.  Something ancient and terrible.  Something from the depths of the darkest Kryptonian legend.  Something with an older and truer claim to Earth than the human could ever pretend to. 

So here is the matchup, my fellow nerds.  In one corner, we have a military strike force of yellow-sun charged Kryptonians, complete with Imperial-era weapons and technology:

Man of Steel 02 

And in the other, we have Cthulhu:

Cthulhu Sample

(And don’t start with the assumption that nothing can beat Cthulhu.  The Elder Things held their own against him and his Star-Spawn for millions of years.)

Vote and discuss!



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5 responses to “Nerd Survey: Clash of Empires

  1. No vote possible, as crucial information is missing. As I posted on Facebook, it comes down to whether Kryptonian minds can survive the presence of things as fundamentally wrong as Old Ones. Zod is just a meal that’s harder to digest if he’s a gibbering pile of terror curled up in the corner. If they don’t go mad and/or commit suicide, the Kryptonians can systematically tear Cthulhu apart and find some way to keep him from reforming.

    Also, this is a dirty trick for getting people to read and respond to your blog, Matt. >.<

    • Will post this reply on Facebook, too:

      That’s a tough question. It’s pretty well established that Kryptonians are no more resistant to magic, telepathy or other active mind-affecting powers than humans. If anything, I would say less. However, in some ways, I would almost call them an Elder Race in their own right. They had an interstellar empire back when “high technology” on Earth was a new flint-knapping technique. Surely they’ve had to deal with “wrong” things before.

      And I have no shame.

  2. My vote might’ve swayed in favor of a different Howard Philips heavy, but Big C himself was apparently inconvenienced, however briefly, by a cargo ship to the face. A ship, mind you, which survived that impact & escaped, brain-fried as its helmsman might’ve been. Contrasting that grade of sponginess with the Kryptonians’ ludicrous constitution & demonstrated weaponry both ‘mundane’ (anti-aircraft energy blasts) and exotic (that crazy particle-tendril funk the terraformer was abusing Clark with) does not augur well for Sleepy McSquidHead.

    • I need a “like” button…

      • Aw, shucks. From a thematic standpoint I actually find Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, et. al. more interesting than a good chunk of the DC pantheon, but let’s face it-take the assorted spinoff novels & gaming-sources outta the equation, and some of Lovecraft’s shambling crawlers seem markedly less fit to terrorize opponents beyond the odd isolated explorer(s).

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