Johnny Always Wore Black

I’ve never been all that familiar with Johnny Cash.  Oh, I knew the classics, the ones everybody knows: Boy Named Sue, Ring of Fire, Folsom Prison Blues.  But that was about it.  Then, a few weeks ago, on Slacktivist, I was introduced to this:

Fred describes it as part of “the Apocalypse of Johnny Cash”.  He describes it as “a song for violent men who seem to escape justice”, paired with a song for victims denied justice.

As Fred himself would say, that’ll preach.

I wish I could be like Fred and Johnny, Christian enough to truly believe that justice will some day come.  But I still have some hope that it will, and when it does, I don’t think the long-tongued liar, the midnight rider, the rambler, the gambler, or the backbiter will be the kind of small-time sleaze they sound like.  If ever there comes a Judgment, I think it will be sterner for those who gamble with the livelihoods of millions than those who gamble with their rent check. 

In the meantime, I think it’s awesome that such a large and diverse group of celebrities got together for that video.  I hope they did it because Johnny actually touched their hearts, or because they wanted to join in his cry for justice, rather than them doing it for a paycheck written to them by someone else who actually did want to honor Johnny.


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