Mythic Thoughts

I wonder if Loki – the original Loki – first really turned on the Aesir when his sons were locked up until the End of Days because they were big and scary.



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  1. Never stopped to mull that over (insert facepalm here), but Tyr & Co. seemed to push the issue something fierce with that bet to bind Fenrir. I’ll have to seek out a slight memory-jog regarding anything Jormungandr did or didn’t do (well, besides potentially flattening continents if he twitched wrong) prior to Ragnarok, but there’s plenty of kneejerk serpent-hate built into his chronicles.

    • The only thing I can think of is trying to attack Thor when Thor hooked him on that fishing trip – which, who can blame him? But then, the frost giant that Thor was fishing with was terrified that they were fishing in waters where Jormungandr had been sighted, so maybe he did some fierce things off-screen.

      Another thing that it’s easy to forget – I myself had to be reminded by White Wolf’s Scion role-playing game – these boys were the sons of the God of Cunning. They weren’t stupid beasts. Maybe they could have been reasoned with (not that reasoning was really the Aesir’s preferred way to do things). Of course, maybe their intelligence just made them more dangerous.

      • Oddly enough, prior to that fishing trip Thor apparently went on a trek through Jotunheim & was challenged to a test of strength by the locals. Said test involved Odin’s favorite boy striving to lift the king’s cat-and managing but a single paw. Which, upon a humiliated Thor’s pressing the issue, was revealed to be a glamour concealing one of Jormungandr’s coils. The story never mentions whether Mr. World Serpent even noticed this brouhaha, but one could spin this as evidence of collaboration with punier races (not to mention enough sense of whimsy to play along with pranks).

        As for offscreen/page havoc…well, ‘planet-circumference serpent looking for properly-scaled meal’ would likely qualify. At least big reptiles have the metabolism for far more between-feast downtime than mammals…

        • I remember that story. I’d always assumed that Jormungandr didn’t even notice. If he had enough of a sense of humor to go along with the prank, that makes the following events that much more tragic.

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