Membership Drive

Hey, all.

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the blogosphere, I’m sure you’ve seen fundraising posts, where the blogger asks readers to donate money. 

I’m not going to do that.  Those bloggers usually have blogging as their actual job, and while I’d love to make my living with my writing, I: a) haven’t been at this nearly long enough; and b) couldn’t make it in NYC, especially while living in the manner to which I’ve become accustomed (apartments with separate rooms!), on the kind of money most professional bloggers make.  No, I’ll keep on paralegaling for now. 

(Should you feel so moved, however, the donation jar is right there in the right hand column)

What I would like to ask you for is your help with something much more precious than money to a blogger at this stage in the game:


I’ve been doing what I can to build my readership since I started this blog back in January, and it has in fact been working.  If nothing else, I can’t remember the last time that I had a day with zero pageviews.  There are days when I don’t get many, but it’s been a while since I got completely skunked. 

Even so, I’d like to make a push for more readers, and I’d like your assistance.

Whatever you can do to spread the word would be a big help.  If you like a story or article, Like or Share it on Facebook.  Twitter it.  If you have friends or family that you think might like something, let them know.  Post a link up on Reddit, Stumbleupon or Digg.  Any and all help is deeply appreciated.

Meanwhile, I’d like to take a little opinion poll.  While Hometown is going to continue to be the regular feature here at Dreams of the Shining Horizon for some time to come, but I know it’s important to mix it up a bit.  So with that in mind:



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4 responses to “Membership Drive

  1. Tough choice, but put my vote down for another GC yarn, mainly ’cause the potential of cthonic Sandy residue is fantastic. I’m ridiculously overdue for some sort of DeviantArt entry acknowledging the various & sundry real artists I’ve met, so expect a mention there within the next couple days.

    • It’s looking like the GC’s are the consensus, such as it is. I’ll get one of those out as soon as I can, though I think I may have to do a few more “buildup” chapters before I do Sandy. That’s kind of a climactic battle, right there.

      BTW, if anyone’s interested, it looks like the real-life El-Kallazzar and Shin-Nephura may have a thing going.

      • Amusing news there-I take it these are more neighborhood cats than any one resident’s pet. Good point regarding just where the Sandy effects fit, and prioritize as events warrant.

        • Well, they do have humans that they “belong” to. Shin-Nephura really does belong to the family who run the bodega – good thing, too. Last year, she was limping around with a leg injury and would have been in trouble if she hadn’t had someone to take her to the vet. And someone recently gave El-Kallazzar a bath. It’s just that they’re allowed to run around loose, hunting rodents where they will.

          On the other hand, there are plenty of people who leave out cans of food here and there, so it’s not like “neighborhood cats” don’t exist.

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