Delay in Service

I fully intended to have a post up today.  It would have been the first of a series of posts filled with pictures illustrating a trip to Coney Island.  The purpose of this series of posts is twofold: 1) because I love Coney Island and want to share it with people who’ve never had the pleasure; and 2) to help create the mood for the story going up on the 31st. 

Unfortunately, it was a busy weekend (well, not really so unfortunate; it was also a fun weekend), not least because I spent most of Saturday at Coney taking pictures, and I was unable to process the pictures in time for today. 

Be on the lookout for that post to go up tomorrow.  Your intro to Coney shall not be delayed long.  In the meantime, another post on Summer will be provided for your entertainment and edification.


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