Songs of Summer In The City

It’s hot down here in the City, but we don’t let that stop us.  Let’s have some tunes to get us through, because Summer is that hot time, that rock and roll time, that time when all the kids in the sands on the beach glisten like diamonds, when the motorcycles roar down the streets and you can kiss under the streetlights until dawn without once feeling the cold.

In Rock and Roll Heaven, it’s AAAaallllways summertime.

Let’s start with the one you’re all already thinking of, the Lovin’ Spoonful’s Summer In  The City:

Next, to remind us what those summer nights are like in the land of American Rock and Roll, we have Wild Summer Nights from the film Eddie and The Cruisers.  Stay tuned for that review!

Then for a bit of local color, we have The Ramones with Rockaway Beach, a bit of awesomeness I only discovered a few days ago when I saw Duke dancing to it.

I really need to check out Rockaway Beach sometime (yes, it’s real, the Ramones weren’t being cute), but it’s even more of a trek than Coney Island.

And finally, to bring it all to a nice, smooth ending, I bring you the Drifters with the Coney Island theme song:

Of course, it’s hard to do anything under the boardwalk these days, since there’s a hundred years and one big hurricane’s worth of drifting sand under there, but rock & roll remembers.


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