This Makes Me Happy

Childs Building Repairs for Web

For those of you unfamiliar, what you’re seeing above is the Childs Building.  It’s a Coney Island landmark that has seen better days.   

Originally the Coney Island Boardwalk location for Childs Restaurants, it has housed many different tenants over the years, from a chocolate factory to (in 2008) the Lola Starr Roller Rink:

Lola Starr Roller Rink

But 2008 was a bad year to start anything, and the Childs Building has stood empty and boarded up for the last few years.  In that time, it has completed the process of decaying from this:


 into this:

Childs Building Pre-Repairs


Depressing as hell, isn’t it?  A dull relic of a shiny and colorful past, left to fall into ruin.  An empty house haunted by the ghosts of bright lights and laughter.  A metaphor for Coney Island itself.  And like Coney Island itself, the Childs Building is experiencing a rebirth.  The construction on the roof proves it.

And that makes me happy.


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